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  # 112

Aaron Scheidies

Learning resilience

Time in episode: 12:35

Gear Recommendations


In Aaron's words: The Wahoo KICKR is my favorite piece of training gear. From my viewpoint it is the best bike trainer out there and is even accessible to the blind/VI community which makes it extremely unique and special. Being blind/VI myself, a Bluetooth connection to my iPhone allows everything to be spoken to me audibly. I can train with power but also can sync the KICKR with race courses around the world and program my own workouts into it. It is a piece of art!

Tommie Cooper Compression

In Aaron's words: Compression may be one of the most important and beneficial performance enhancers out there. As a physical therapist, I am even more aware of the importance of maximizing blood flow and return. I love the Tommie Copper compression sleeve and socks. I feel extra bounce when I run with the sleeves and the socks help greatly with recovery. They also help with injury prevention.

TRX Suspension Training

In Aaron's words: Strength and core training is huge, and I love this piece of equipment because I am always traveling and can take it anywhere. I can destroy my muscles, especially my abs in a quick 15-minute session on this equipment. I have been using the TRX for the past eight years, and its one of the best buys for your buck.

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