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  # 14

Alex Johnson

Putting the USA back on the bouldering map

Time in episode: 26:30

Gear Recommendations

Smith Optics Lowdown Sunglasses

Time in episode: 22:40

When you are trying to keep things on the down low, you’ll need some Lowdowns. Hide your eyes and embrace the sun in the sky. This bold, youthful shape is enhanced with details that improve your performance when things heat up.

The North Face Stow n' Go Bra

Time in episode: 22:40

Since the beginning of time, women have stashed goods in their bras. Money, grocery lists, phone numbers – you name it, it’s been stashed. Now you can do it legitimately on long runs with this new sports bra thanks to a double-layer chest pocket at interior center-front panel. Ideal for fuel/storage needs on long runs, this extra pocket provides easy on-the-go access for ladies with an A/B cup fit.

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