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  # 151

Alexander Barber

Without Os

Time in episode: 21:00

Gear Recommendations

Hilleberg Soulo

Time in episode: 22:45

Since the Soulo's free standing construction allows it to be pitched almost anywhere, and since it is remarkably light and tremendously strong, it is ideal for almost any adventure. Mountaineers, both recreational and professional, will take to its strength and low weight, as will backcountry hunters and winter campers.

Samsung Galaxy

Time in episode: 23:00

According to Alex, "It does so much for me: It's my camera and I turned it into my satellite phone as well. I can access social media with it. It has an easy way to put in micro SD cards so I can bring movies and TV shows with me at base camp and up on the mountain. And you can pop in extra batteries so I'll carry two extra batteries and the phone will last for a week."

Deals, Deals, Deals

25% off Wigwam Socks

By: Wigwam

Wigwam has been combining comfort, style, and long wear life into its socks for over 110 years. As an authentic American, family-owned company, Wigwam takes pride in its Made in the USA products, driving an uncompromising commitment to quality.

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