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  # 174

Andrew Drummond

Tuckerman Ravine Pentathlon

Time in episode: 29:15

Andrew Drummond

Team Into Thick Air, from left: Russell Wilcox, (Roommate) Max Littlefield, Mike (Frothy) Frothingham, Hannah Van Wetter, Ben Schenck

Gear Recommendations

Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitt

Time in episode: 37:10

The Pearl Izumi Shine Wind Mitts include the main functional features of the Thermal Lite Gloves with three additional twists: conductive patches on the thumb and forefinger for on-the-bike touch-screening, synthetic leather for a more durable palm, and a bright hood that lives in the back of the glove until you want some extra protection. The hood is attached, so there's no risk of losing it on the road, and it effectively turns these gloves into light mittens when circumstances demand.

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