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  # 140

Angie Payne

How climbing will get you the job (or not)

Time in episode: 19:50

Angie Payne

Angie prepping for a job interview.

Gear Recommendations

Mountain Hardwear Scrambler 30

Time in episode: 21:50

Traditional style with completely waterproof construction for getting after it year round. Built with versatility in mind, the Scrambler™ 30 OutDry® keeps contents dry in any conditions, easily carrying everything from rock shoes and a rack of cams, to extra layers and avalanche tools. Low profile shoulder straps and a stowable waist belt provide an ergonomic fit, while a top zippered pocket keeps essentials handy while setting a skin track or hiking to the crag.

Organic Crashpads Full Pad

Time in episode: 26:25

With a 36” x 48” landing surface, the Full Pad offers a full 4" of high-quality cush' for your bouldering enjoyment (1" hard foam and 3" soft foam). A 24" x 15" pocket flap securely carries your gear and keeps what you stuff in the pad from sliding out. When open for use, our pouch is designed to secure and cover your shoulder straps, making the hike home from a muddy or wet day a bit dryer. The Full Pad closes securely with simple and clean metal buckles and folds down to 36" x 24" x 8" for hiking. Fully adjustable shoulder straps and a thick 2" hip belt.

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