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  # 205

Dr. Jared Vagy

Dr. Jared Vagy | Thunderbolt Sportswear

Company Spotlight

In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature a Portland, OR based company, Thunderbolt Sportswear, and it’s co-owner, John Connor. Thunderbolt’s signature item is a do-it-all pair of soft shell pants/jeans made with Schoeller Dryskin, and they’ve now expanded to shirts and outerwear. After the interview with John, Roommate Max and I review the products. For 25% off, use the code “mtnmeister” at

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Gear Recommendation

Dirtbag Tips: In his book, Dr. Jared Vagy explains how you can repurpose everyday items for injury prevention use. Climbing webbing can be used as a resistance band. Instead of a foam roller, you can wrap a towel around climbing rope. Finally, substituting for something like Power Fingers or Hand X bands, you can use a rubber band (specifically a broccoli or asparagus rubber band for the perfect tension).


Whether you’re a professional athlete or a novice climber, Climb Injury-Free is the guide that will teach you how to climb stronger and pain-free. The book features The “Rock Rehab Pyramid.” A step-by-step rehabilitation and injury prevention system designed specifically for rock climbers. Learn exclusive injury advice with over 30 profiles from top professional climbers including Adam Ondra, Sasha DiGiulian Sean McColl, Jonathan Siegrist and many others.

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