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  # 58

Emily Jackson

The pregnant paddler

Time in episode: 15:00

Gear Recommendations

Jackson Kayak Rockstar

Time in episode: 22:00

Built shorter and lighter for improved performance and ease of use, the 2014 Rockstar is the new standard in comfortable, easy to use, top end playboat design. EJ and Dave Knight have tweaked the original Rockstar for better cartwheel balance, quicker edge to edge responsiveness, and easier lift-off on even the smallest of waves. The bow is much slicier while the raised sidewall of the mid-section adds retentiveness when landing and stability when vertical.

Sperry Top-Sider H2O Escape

Time in episode: 22:00

Unload your kayak, traverse the rocky shore and spend the day on the water in an ultra-flexible shoe that’s expertly designed for your sport.

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