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  # 82

Joel Gratz

Snow Report 2014/15 – Find the powder

Time in episode: 21:30

Gear Recommendations

Dynafit AT Bindings

Time in episode: 30:00

Dynafit is a brand for dedicated mountain athletes (passionate ski mountaineers in winter and mountain runners in summer) who strive to equip themselves with the most innovative, highest-quality gear available. Lightness, Speed, Performance and Technology are the core values embodied by Dynafit, and every process and product is characterized by those hallmarks. Dynafit has dedicated itself to the pinnacle of mountain sports by supporting the competitive athletes who are confronted with the most demanding challenges during their active, alpine pursuits.

Wagner Custom Skis

Time in episode: 30:00

Wagner Custom doesn’t have standard models. The skis we build with your collaboration will have a unique shape, flex pattern and bill of materials, all designed specifically for you. We do, however, offer some stock topsheet options, featuring wood veneers, topsheet designs and solid colors, displayed here (note that your skis will probably not resemble these samples in shape). You also have the option to work with our graphic designer to create a unique look.

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