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  # 24

Julian Carr

Skiing off of 200-foot cliffs...comfortably

Time in episode: 5:30

Gear Recommendations

Goal Zero Lighthouse

Time in episode: 25:00

With the Lighthouse250 Lantern & USB Power Hub, light up any situation with 250 lumens of bright, LED light – or use the dimmable, DuaLite™ Directional Lighting feature to save on power for extended runtime. The Lighthouse 250 recharges quickly from USB, solar or the included hand crank, and has a built-in USB port to power small handheld devices to keep you connected to the ones who matter most.

Go Pro HERO4

Time in episode: 25:00

Dream it, do it, and capture it with your GoPro. With features like Emmy® Award-winning performance, built-in Wi-Fi, waterproof durability and more, GoPro puts the power to capture, create and share in the hands of everyone.

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