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  # 214

Len Necefer

Len Necefer | Fisher + Baker

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Company Spotlight: Fisher + Baker

In today’s Company Spotlight, we feature Fisher + Baker, a seven-person men’s apparel company based out of Minneapolis. Fisher + Baker uses technical fabrics in casual menswear designs where you wouldn’t expect to find technical fabrics. I’ll interview Alexa Stodola and Maggie Maloy about the company, then Roommate Max and I will see if Fisher and Baker is as timeless, purposeful, and functional as they claim to be. For 15% off, use the code “meister” at

Gear Recommendation

Black Diamond Solution Harness

The Black Diamond Solution Harness provides unequaled comfort for long days spent working your project. Fusion Comfort Technology introduces three separate strands of low-profile webbing in both the fixed leg loops and waist to create superior load distribution while reducing pressure on sensitive points. Designed to fit the contours of your body, the Solution maximizes freedom of movement and comfort, without sacrificing performance.

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