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  # 138

Lonnie Dupre

Exploring the risk threshold

Time in episode: 14:10

Gear Recommendations

Primaloft Insulation

Time in episode: 23:55

Comfort and innovation are as intertwined as the fibers in the insulation. Together, they make it possible to fully “Feel the Performance™” in any climate, in any condition. Originally developed to serve the needs of the U.S. Army, who desired a water resistant, synthetic alternative to goose down, PrimaLoft, Inc. is recognized globally as the proven leader and constant pioneer of innovative comfort solutions.

Deals, Deals, Deals

15% off Buff

By: Buff USA

Buff creates seam-free, multifunctional headwear in technical fabrics. A Buff can be worn as a facemask, balaclava, headband, neckerchief, and more. Take 15% off of everything!

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