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  # 132

Mike Libecki

Going it alone

Time in episode: 11:20

Gear Recommendations

Sentimental Items

Time in episode: 31:00

"I think the most important gear that I bring on an expedition are sentimental things. Things that remind me of home, that remind me of people I care about - like they are with me....Knowing that you have your loved ones with you is very powerful."

Mountain Hardwear OutDry

Time in episode: 33:25

Traditional “waterproof” items quickly get heavy as water loads between the shell fabric and the waterproof liner. OutDry is different. OutDry is a patented construction technology that bonds a waterproof-breathable membrane directly to the shell fabric. There’s no gap to load with water so items stay light and dry. And with no extra layer of water, items breathe better and stay flexible.

Deals, Deals, Deals

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