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  # 29

Nick Knecht

How it's made

Time in episode: 4:45

Gear Recommendations

Moment Skis Deathwish

Time in episode: 16:15

We knew the Deathwish was going to be good, but we couldn’t predict the accolades. Every review of this groundbreaking ski has been positive, and being selected for not just one, but FOUR industry awards has put the final stamp of approval on Dirty Mustache Rocker technology. Four contact points along each edge bite into the snow, letting it rip turns on hardpack. Meanwhile, tip and tail rocker and micro-camber underfoot create a sweet spot so big, it’ll give you cavities. Handmade with a core of aspen and pine, the Deathwish is slashy and effortless in pow, stable in cr

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