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Outdoor Retailer

Gear Giveaway Coming Soon


For the fourth consecutive season, MtnMeister will be hosting its OR Giveaway episode. In this extra-popular episode, we record segments with companies about their latest and greatest gear, technologies, footwear, and apparel. All participating companies give away free prizes to our loyal listeners.


After you listen to the episode, email [email protected] and say which specific prize you want. The first person who requests it, gets it. At this point, you are probably wondering when the episode will be released so you can be the first! Those who listen early have a significant advantage.


We are offering you the opportunity to purchase information about the episode‚Äôs release (the date, a time window, or the EXACT date and time). Last giveaway episode, there were over 30 prizes and 26 people purchased the “release date and exact time” package. Those are damn good odds!

Note: these prices will rise on January 1st, so ACT NOW!

20+ companies, $5,000+ in prizes, 30+ winners

Winners can only be in the US for shipping purposes. You can only win one prize, and it cannot be replaced with a different prize after you win it.

Outdoor Retailer