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Join Ben Schenck and the Meisters twice a week as they discuss thought provoking topics which transcend sport. In every half-hour episode, you’ll explore the minds of top outdoors athletes and professionals. You’ll also gain insight which will spark inspiration in your own adventures.

A high altitude mountaineer travels through sub-zero temperatures, scales treacherous terrain, and carries hundreds of pounds of supplies. Many of us have very little in common with this person. We don’t need to worry about the lack of oxygen in the air or the extent of frostbite in our toes.

Yet, we are all human. There are certain ideas which apply to all of us, no matter if we’re at 29,029 feet or sea level. Why is it important to step outside of our comfort zone? How do we weigh risk vs. reward? What impact does human behavior have on our decision making? On MtnMeister, we explore these ideas by talking with those who have found answers in the extremes.

Your Host

Ben Schenck is the host and producer of MtnMeister and Outdoor Industry Association’s podcast, Audio Outdoorist. Fascinated by human behavior and psychology, Ben and the Meisters explore how these concepts parallel adventure and everyday life. Most of his favorite activities either burn copious calories or replenish the reserves.