June 3, 2015

How Color Affects our Behavior

The number of hidden influences that drive our behavior never fails to amaze. Here is yet another jaw-dropping example. This article (which you should absolutely read) talks about a study which looked at athletes wearing red uniforms who competed against athletes wearing blue uniforms. According to the study, a statistically significantly larger portion of athletes won while wearing the red uniforms (55% in red vs. 45% in blue to be exact).

“…throughout nature the color red is associated with heightened aggression, dominance, and testosterone levels (think mating season and/or fighting season). Skin gets flushed and animals display the red bits of their bodies while engaging in dominant and aggressive behavior.”

What’s even more disturbing is that the supposedly unbiased referees are affected by uniform color as well. Color not only affects the way we behave but also the way we behave toward others!

What color are you wearing in the mountains? While running? Exploring? Could wearing red affect your decision making?

How Color Affects our Behavior

Meister Ueli Steck sporting red in his ascent.


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