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  # 97

Steph Davis

When (not) to jump

Time in episode: 7:00

Gear Recommendations

Soyapower Plus Soy Milk Maker

Time in episode: 19:15

The SoyaPower Plus is a super milk maker, not just a soymilk maker, it is a great almond milk maker and a great rice milk maker. In effect, it makes great milks, porridges, and soups from from any beans, grains, nuts, and seeds or any combination of them.

Enjoy Gravity Simple Gear Sling

Time in episode: 20:50

A Steph Davis original! According to Steph: "I think the best gear sling is simple, light and versatile: a full strength loop of bartacked tubular 1″ webbing with a double layer of fleece where it sits over the shoulder. Since you can’t buy these anywhere nowadays for some reason, I had to go ahead and do it myself, and make them available for climbers who need one. Naturally I give the Simple Gear Sling two thumbs up :)"

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