December 8, 2015

Get Featured on MtnMeister

Get Featured on MtnMeister

To kick off 2016, we’re making another episode of MtnMeister where we share our goals with the Meister community. This time around, we want YOU to be featured on the episode! Here’s how it works.

First, create three goals of varying difficulty.

Goal 1: Your pretty safe goal. You’re fairly sure that you can do it, although it’s still not a sure thing and you’re going to need to work at it.

Goal 2: You’re 50/50 whether you can do this. It’s a reach — something that you either have never done before or you haven’t done in a very, very long time, possibly in a previous life.

Goal 3: A BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) in the purest sense. You’ve never done it, and maybe nobody else has ever done it. You’re sincerely not even sure if you’re capable of it. All the stars will need to align to make it happen. Some luck might be involved. This is the goal that, as you write it down, you feel butterflies and nerves over even making it public.

Second, record your goals.

Search for the Voice Memos app on your iPhone or Android and create a recording. In your recording tell us your three goals – make sure they are specific and measurable. Rather than saying “I’d like to run more”, a more specific and measurable goal would be “I’d like to achieve a PR in a 10k”.

If you have any special strategies that will help you achieve this goal, tell us those too! Also, if you wrote down goals in 2015, tell us your level of success with them.

This does not have to be perfect! I will edit the recording to fit the episode.

Third, send 'em over

When you are finished with your recording, send it to If it’s a good fit, you’ll hear it in our 2016 Goals episode. I also might want to interview you in more detail and set up a time.


Questions? Comments? Let's hear 'em.