December 15, 2015

Gear Giveaway at Outdoor Retailer WM16

Outdoor Retailer is a trade show where companies show off their latest and greatest outdoor products: gear, clothing, technology, and everything else you can think of. In past years, over 1,600 companies and 25,000 industry professionals have attended.

In our Outdoor Retailer episodes of MtnMeister, we record two-minute segments with companies about their products. In exchange for being featured, they give you free gear! When you hear a product that you want, email ben@mtnmeister to request it. The first person who requests it wins! Last year we gave away over $3,500 of product!

Easy, right? The only issue is that there’s a lot of competition from others who want the free gear. Last year, everything was claimed within a few hours of the episode’s release. This year, Outdoor Retailer will be from January 7 – 10, and the MtnMeister giveaway episode will be released at some point after that. To gain a competitive advantage, we are giving you the option to buy valuable information:

Gear Giveaway at Outdoor Retailer WM16

With this small purchase, you significantly increase your chances of winning gear worth a whole lot more! Last year the average prize was worth over $100. Check it out here.


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