June 30, 2016

What to wear while listening to a podcast

Although podcasts feel rather intimate, many of us listen to them in the most public of places. Podcasts allow us to sit-in on an intimate conversation when in reality we are navigating traffic or squeezing in and out of public transportation. For many of us, podcast listening is a form of multitasking. Do you have the gear to support that? This is a list of gear and apparel that combine function and fashion; how you get from point A to point B efficiently and look good doing it.

The other criteria for making this list is that the companies were required to provide the product for free so I could test it. If you think it’s important to look good while listening to a podcast, just try to imagine the anxiety of what to wear while creating one.

Timbuk2 Leader

This pack is designed with the active urban-outdoorist in mind. Given its clean design, you’d never expect to find all of the pockets and features that you do in this bag. My favorite is the option to access the contents via toploader AND through the side (with zippers). Think about it: nothing will ever be at the bottom of your pack. There is a separate laptop compartment, and the bag is big enough to fit all of your essentials for an entire day away from your just-outside-the-city apartment. More info here.

Showers Pass Syncline

Some people let the rain impact their behavior. Others continue with normal life despite the rain. If you are one of the latter then this jacket is for you. The jacket’s main purpose is for cycling, but it’s also surprisingly fashionable and the color is catchy (I’ve gotten multiple compliments). The front is shorter so you have easy access to your pants or shorts pockets and the back is longer to keep your butt from getting wet. If you generate a lot of heat, it has zipper vents by the pits to release steam. Pockets on the side will allow you to keep your precious podcast player dry. More info here.

MtnMeister T-Shirt

Well, this is obvious. People can’t hear the podcast that you are listening to, so you might as well show them. Your podcast library is a reflection of who you are, like a bookshelf for books, a collection of music (records, 8 tracks, cassettes, CD’s depending on your age), a stack of DVDs for movies. Yet the digital age has wiped out these collections, making it harder for us to subtly identify our interests without showing off. Like the other items on this list, the MtnMeister T is built for function and fashion. It’s a 50/50 cotton/poly blend and it’s designed to be your favorite t-shirt. Purchase the T here!

Arcade Belts

One’s waist size can expand and contract depending on his/her form of podcast consumption. If that everyday train commute turns into a consistent walking or running commute, you can expect to shed a few sixteenths of an inch. But can your belt keep up? Arcade belts are ultra-adjustable, durable, and versatile. They have belts made for play, work, and work and play. More info here.

Teva Terra-Float Flip

Built for speed, comfort, and durability. My biggest complaints about flip flops is when they don’t stay on my feet (duh) and when they are so thin that it feels like you aren’t wearing them. If you are listening to MtnMeister on the go, you’ll need to focus on my voice, not keeping your shoes on your feet. I walked around Boston for many hours in these the other day, and they were delightful. I even tried switching with a friend and was shocked and disappointed at how uncomfortable his (alliteration alert) flips-flops felt against my feet. More info here.

Zeal Optics Ace

If you listen to podcasts, you appreciate the importance of hearing. Vision is important too. True to their brand, Zeal Optics has created the first lens that uses a plant-based bonding agent rather than petroleum. Pictured here is the Ace model. More on Ellume technology here.


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